2024 art & food vendor applications

2024 art and food vendor applications

El Fuego

El Fuego is a unique experience – when you eat restaurant quality food from the food truck.
Husband and wife, Arturo and Olha, were dreaming about their own restaurant business. But San Francisco brick and mortar prices are not really welcoming. And inspired by the success of food trucks in Los Angeles they’ve decided to start with a little step towards their dream. Olha quit her job at the Bank and Arturo left his role as Manager of fast growing restaurant group Sababa.
Inspired by Mexican culture and food we offer Authentic Mexican birria that we spoon into tacos, roll into burritos, and serve as a healthy bowl. People ask us “Why El Fuego?” and we say “ El Fuego means Fire that signifies something hot, colorful and exciting. And we felt that this name reflects the flavor of our food, culture and diversity”. We look forward to welcoming you with delicious food and great service!

2023 art & food vendor applications

2023 art and food vendor applications