2024 art & food vendor applications

2024 art and food vendor applications

Hiyo Strawberry Guava

Hiyo’s non-alcoholic strawberry guava seltzer is bright, tangy, and just plain beautiful. The taste of ripe strawberries blends with the exotic essence of guava, gliding down the hatch like a sunset to the sea. crafted with organic adaptogens, natural nootropics, and functional botanicals, Hiyo provides a stress-relieving, mood-boosting lift they like to call “the float.”

Available at The New Bar Cocktail Booth


We’re a Venice-based curated nonalcoholic bottle shop & discovery platform built around one simple concept: It’s fun to be good to yourself. We’re here to give you products, tools, and information to be more mindful, intentional, and healthy about the way you drink – whatever that means to you.

Venice, West Hollywood, San Francisco

2181A Union St. San Francisco, CA 94123

(415) 869-6024

2023 art & food vendor applications

2023 art and food vendor applications