2024 art & food vendor applications

2024 art and food vendor applications

Pet Wants

Pet Wants San Francisco is a local, family-run pet nutrition and wellness business serving pets and their humans throughout the Bay Area since 2018. We specialize in fresh dog and cat food, made with high-quality ingredients and slow cooked in small batches. An alternative to big-brand foods that often sit in warehouses or on store shelves for up to 18 months before reaching a pet’s home, Pet Wants San Francisco delivers food to pets’ bowls within weeks of cooking. We also offer a variety of premium natural chews and treats, pre/probiotics and wellness supplements, as well as house made “SPAW” balms and salves to pamper pets. In addition to regular, local doorstep deliveries, Pet Wants San Francisco’s customers can count on expert guidance to ensure their pets are eating for health AND vitality.

2023 art & food vendor applications

2023 art and food vendor applications