Circe Project

The immortal goddess Circe was known for her magic. Specifically, transformation and illusion. My shop is named after her. Performed for a lifetime and unique to you, creating the life you want to live is an art form. Some of the everyday magic is in the transformation along the way. In my own transformation over […]

Girls Printing House

We make high quality art and prints. We design and produce our own products. We can also do custom printing Visit our Website Instagram Profile Back


Hi, I’m Sarah! I am a Korean-American illustrator & designer based in the Bay Area. I love nothing more than to draw cute animals with vibrant colors to express sweet and humorous sentiments about life. My hope in sharing my artwork with others is to inspire a little joy in their lives. Visit our Website […]

Papa Seahorse

Illustration is my creative outlet and form of self expression – it keeps me sane. My goal as an artist is to bring joy (maybe even a smile) to my customer’s face. Visit our Website Instagram Profile Back

Tina Tarnoff Papercut Art & Jewelry

I’m a silhouette papercut artist and a painter. I primarily make hand-cut papercuts which I then turn into jewelry and cards. I also have a line of handbags and wallets that look like books and feature images of my artwork. Visit our Website Instagram Profile Back