GIO Gelati

We marry the authentic Italian gelato tradition, to the freshest localnCalifornia ingredients to create the healthiest, freshest, handmade gelato. Website Instagram Back

Hawaiian Honey Cones

Unlike your ordinary ice cream cones, Hawaiian Honey Cones are made of 100% organic corn cane. Produced locally in Hawaii, it’s the healthiest alternative to traditional sugar based cones. Website Instagram Back

HGG Tanghulu

Specializing in the traditional art of Tanghulu, we cannot wait to bring a slice of Chinese street food culture to Union Street Festival with our handcrafted, sweet-glazed fruits. From the classic Chinese Hawthorn to modern favorites like strawberry and green grape, each skewer is a perfect blend of crunchy sweetness and natural tartness. Experience the […]

Humphry Slocombe

Humphry Slocombe Ice Cream has its own personality and flavors that appeal to adult tastes, but is loved by all. Based in the Bay Area, we use local ingredients like Guittard chocolate, McEvoy Olive Oil, and local produce. All inclusions (cookies, fudge, etc.) are made in-house by our pastry staff. Due to our unusual take […]

Markee Candy

Markee LLC freeze dried candy. A merger of sorts. “Markee” the blending of our last names in creating a newly formed family and in turn new fun candy. Taking family and candy to a New Level of Confidence. Crunchy intense Flavors from OG candies you know and love. We are small family business looking to […]

Mike & Niki’s Honey Co

Mike & Niki’s Honey Company was founded by Mike Ryan and Niki Canotas, two bee enthusiasts who turned their passion into a business. We are based in San Jose, California, and have been producing delicious honey products for over a decade. Our team includes expert beekeepers, candle makers, and honey artisans who are passionate about […]

San Diablo Churros

San Diablo Churros is an artisan churro company dedicated to crafting unforgettable sweet experiences. Our freshly made, filled churros are a delightful fusion of flavors and textures, bringing joy to every bite. With a commitment to quality and creativity, we offer a unique selection of churros that cater to various tastes and preferences. From classic […]

Treats by the Bay

Treats by the Bay – We specialize in BBQ Chicken/Pork Skewer Rice Plate, Vietnamese Iced Coffee, Mini Donuts, and Soft Serve Ice Cream. Website Instagram Back

Z. Cioccolato

Z. Cioccolato is a gourmet fudge shop located in the heart of North Beach, San Francisco. For over 20 years, Z. Cioccolato has been hand crafting small batch gourmet fudge which is ranked #1 on the West Coast and was featured on the Cooking Channel. Website Instagram Back