Bowl’d Acai

Bowl’d Acai is the product of the lifelong friendship of Reza Morvari and Angel Serratos . Growing up together in the Bay Area, Reza and Angel found mutual interest in health & fitness and now apply this passion for life through Bowl’d Acai! Website Instagram Back


Cochinita was started in 2017 by partners Sergio Albornoz and Karen Gonzalez with the desire of spreading Yucatan culture and its cuisine to the community. You can find traditional Cochinita Pibil along with fusion items like Elote tots. Traditional flavors with their own Bay Area twist! Website Instagram Back

Cousins Maine Lobster

Locally owned, and nationally known, Cousins Maine Lobster brings authentic Maine lobster to neighborhoods across the U.S. by way of our food trucks & brick & mortar restaurants. As seen on Shark Tank. Website Instagram Back

Curry Up Now

Veterans of the Bay Area food scene since 2009, we take traditional Indian flavors and present them in a friendly, recognizable way. Think Indian style burritos, sexy curry fries, and tikka masala ravioli. While we certainly curry in a hurry, we always value the time we spend providing our guests with an incredible food experience. […]

Curveball Sliders

We are a baseball themed food truck serving up delicous sliders and sides all over the Bay Areas for over a decade. From our decadent Curveball beef burger sliders topped with pork belly to our Screwball fried chicken breast sandwich with homemade buffalo and Bleu cheese dressing we have a variety of delicious options to […]

El Fuego

El Fuego is a unique experience – when you eat restaurant quality food from the food truck.Husband and wife, Arturo and Olha, were dreaming about their own restaurant business. But San Francisco brick and mortar prices are not really welcoming. And inspired by the success of food trucks in Los Angeles they’ve decided to start […]

GIO Gelati

We marry the authentic Italian gelato tradition, to the freshest localnCalifornia ingredients to create the healthiest, freshest, handmade gelato. Website Instagram Back

Hawaiian Honey Cones

Unlike your ordinary ice cream cones, Hawaiian Honey Cones are made of 100% organic corn cane. Produced locally in Hawaii, it’s the healthiest alternative to traditional sugar based cones. Website Instagram Back

HGG Tanghulu

Specializing in the traditional art of Tanghulu, we cannot wait to bring a slice of Chinese street food culture to Union Street Festival with our handcrafted, sweet-glazed fruits. From the classic Chinese Hawthorn to modern favorites like strawberry and green grape, each skewer is a perfect blend of crunchy sweetness and natural tartness. Experience the […]

Kaiyo Restaurant and Bar

Kaiyo is an immersive Peruvian Nikkei experience and an exploration of two cultures, immersed in flavors and ingredients, prepared to delight your senses. Kaiyo seeks to share a story of immigration and embracing a new culture, while conveying the passion of one’s roots. Join us and we will share this story with you. Website Instagram […]